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Thermacell Blinds

Artisan Thermacell Blinds are a pleated fabric blind that are available in a wide range of colours and cell sizes. 

With the added bonus of exceptional insulating properties, Thermacell Blinds are a fantastic investment. Air is trapped in the cellular honeycomb construction creating an effective barrier against cold windows and draughts.

Our honeycomb blinds are available in a wide range of systems.  The collection includes corded and cordless systems, options for top down/bottom up adjustment, sliding, dual fabrics and even speciality systems for shaped or skylight windows.

The blinds are easy to use and clean and the unique honeycomb action of the blind means that when it is pulled up it takes up very little headroom in your window or door. This maximises views and creates a very minimal look in the room. You can even have blinds that are hand raised with no cords for increased child safety.  Because the blinds fit so tightly into the window the room darkening blinds really do provide a great lightblock.

  • Brand:


  • Collection:

    Cellular Blinds

  • Privacy:

    Dependant on fabric choice.

  • Motorisation:

    Suited to motorisation

  • Fabrics:

    Sheer - translucent sheer allows visibility through the fabric when the shade is down.
    Light Filtering - ideal for bright light diffusion with the largest range of colours and designs.
    Semi-Opaque - medium opacity for enhanced light diffusion for any decor.
    Room Darkening - provides privacy and is ideal for those who like to sleep in a darker room.
    Designer Fabrics - create a special look with our designer range.

  • Flame Retardency:

    Fabrics are resistant for peace of mind.

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