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Silk Road Rustic Weave Collection - Goa

Rustic weaves, traditionally woven, combining natural harvests  from Oriental grasslands, woodlands & riverbanks.

Silk Road fabrics are totally unique. They bring to many decorating & architectural styles an unmatched stylish natural beauty. 100% naturally harvested & combining a wide range of fabrics, grasses & botanicals – each blind a totally unique work of nature’s art.

All our blinds are carefully hand loomed, taking up to 3 days to weave one unique fabric roll. So all blinds are totally individual & carefully planned so that the pattern is repeated to work in multiple blinds, whilst ensuring the natural uniqueness in each of the individual blinds.

  • Brand:

    Peter Meyer

  • Collection:

    Simply Naturals

  • Fibre:

    All natural materials including:  Ramie, Jute, Reeds, Bamboo, Flax, Chinese knots, Cotton & Cattail

  • Styles:

    Roman blinds

  • Privacy:

    Can be left sheer or lined with a translucent lining for privacy. Blockout lining also available. 

  • Thermal Properties:

    Bamboo and Jute are one of nature’s best insulators, by adding an additional Blockout or Translucent lining, the product is actually highly insulating. UV protection will vary proportional

  • Motorisation:

    Romans best suited.

  • Warranty:

    3 years

  • Weaves:

    Choose from 20 exotic weaves selected for their individual charm.