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Chinois Woven Bamboo Collection

These twelve exotic oriental weaves created especially for us, can create a fantastic feature or provide that finishing touch to any environment. The Chinois collection will provide mystique and elegance, but with a difference.

Suitable for domestic and commercial application this product is hand crafted using Bamboo, seagrasses, Jute and other reeds and then woven together using a polyester yarn for longevity.

  • Brand:

    Peter Meyer

  • Collection:

    Simply Naturals

  • Finish:

    All natural finishes. Some can be clear lacquered or painted white. Painting as per woven timber surcharge.

  • Styles:

    Romans, rollups, curtains, and moving panels.

  • Maximum Size:

    Most weaves are 2500mm wide. Note: some larger weaves may be heavy.

  • Privacy:

    None of the Chinois range will give sufficient privacy for a bedroom at night although they do provide daytime privacy.

  • Patterns:

    Bamboo is one of nature’s best insulators. UV protection will vary proportional to openness of weave as will insulation and light transmission

  • Motorisation:

    Romans best suited. 

  • Warranty:

    5 years

  • Weaves:

    12 exotic weaves selected for their individual charm.

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