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Winding Spring

Trellis wallpaper patterns with flowers and twigs. When spring comes, everything changes. What used to be grey is now green and flower buds are popping up everywhere. During such a day, when the cherry trees start budding, our designer got inspiration for this design. On her way to the studio, she passes a garden trellis where the plants already started to climb. They formed a beautiful pattern that was the spark for this new wallpaper design.

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  • Brand:

    Rebel Walls

  • Collection:

    Greenhouse - Rebel Walls

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  • Composition:

    Digitally printed paper. Printed with Rebel Mattic, our soft and non-reflective matte finish.

  • Dimensions:

    This is a Custom size Mural - Please accurately measure the width and height of your wall, then contact to receive a quote. As a guide, Rebel Walls murals retail for $110 per square metre. MINIMUM order 3sqm.

  • Delivery Time:

    Approx 4 weeks