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Wall Garden

Floral wallpaper looking like wooden boards. For this both romantic and rough pattern, we have combined vintage designs made by hand with beautifully worn wooden planks. The flowers come from several different designs that we rescued from oblivion originally from France. The patterns had their heydays over a hundred years ago and have since then been forgotten in some dusty archives. Now they have a new home and a new look in our collection Greenhouse.

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    Rebel Walls

  • Collection:

    Greenhouse - Rebel Walls

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  • Composition:

    Digitally printed paper. Printed with Rebel Mattic, our soft and non-reflective matte finish.

  • Dimensions:

    This is a Custom size Mural - Please accurately measure the width and height of your wall, then contact wallpaper@artisancollective.co.nz to receive a quote. As a guide, Rebel Walls murals retail for $110 per square metre. MINIMUM order 3sqm.

  • Delivery Time:

    Approx 4 weeks