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Vertitex II

The VertiTex II vertical awning offers protection from the dazzling sun, prevents the patio and indoors from becoming uncomfortably hot and shelters you from prying eyes. Carpets/flooring, curtains and furniture are also protected. This textile beauty still lets you see outside too, depending on the fabric type. Large windows can also be shaded with VertiTex II. And the extremely small cassette adapts unobtrusively to to any building facade.

Regardless of whether it’s for the patio roof, pergola awning, window, balcony or conservatory: the VertiTex II is always perfect. Thanks to its compact design, the many versions offer versatile protection against prying eyes and the weather, it is a real all-rounder among vertical awnings. And its unobtrusive design gives a great look to any facade in any application.

Exclusively available at Artisan in New Zealand.
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  • Brand:


  • Collection:

    External Blinds

  • Colour:

    Over 200 frame colours to choose from. See range here.

  • Maximum Size:

    Max. Width 600cm
    Max. height of sytem 400cm (Rope and Rail guides)
    Max. shadable area 15m (Zip)

  • Motorisation:

    As standard 

  • Fabrics:

    Over 200 fabrics to choose from. Veiw collections here