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Bells Junction - Moss

Bells Junction is one of the newer carpet styles made from 100% 66 Nylon. This yarn is manufactured in the USA and is the finest nylon yarn available for carpet & rug manufacturing. 66 Nylon is more resistant to crushing and matting, heat, friction and stain penetration than any other previously available nylons. Nylon yarn is also a good alternative rug or carpet choice for people suffering from allergies from natural products.

Bells Junction displays a sleek high-lustrous finish. The product is tufted densely producing a silk-like look. The sheen swirl created by the movement on the carpet pile is reminiscent of the soft grasses being blown gently by the warm breeze. Bells Junction was created to meet the demand for a silky finish at more affordable price. The nylon yarn has a similar drape and smooth look as silk and is very durable.

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