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Collection by Aparici


Collection by Aparici


Collection by Tau


Collection by Keope


Collection by Supergres


Collection by Coem
"A succession of soft veining effects" A range of stunning floor or wall tiles from Italy. Exclusively available from Artisan in Auckland.


Collection by Fioranese

Golden Age

Collection by Coem

I Cocci

Collection by Fioranese


Collection by Ape


Collection by Coem
The collection takes its inspiration from Kavala Stone, a slate of Greek origin, traditionally used for outdoor flooring of all kinds, as well as roofing elements, thanks to its excellent resistance to wear and tear and external agents. Coem interprets the distinctive colour and material effects of the stone, respecting its natural shades with two finishes, for indoors and outdoors, able to maintain its distinctive technical features unaltered for porcelain stoneware floors of impressive power and beauty.


Collection by Carmen
Inspired by famous spaces in Portugal and Brazil. The Lisbon Series offers 8 different 15x15cm decorative geometric pattern tiles to suit any space inside or out. How far does your Imagination Go


Collection by Roserca


Collection by Coem
"Fragments of light and material" A range of stunning floor or wall tiles from Italy. Exclusively available from Artisan in Auckland.


Collection by Sichenia


Collection by Sant Augustino


Collection by Coem
The Porfirica series which takes inspiration of natural elements found in an ancient rock know as Porphyry. Consisting of purple, red, brown and grey tones, this opens up the intense colours that you see in our Porfirica Series. Available in both fine grain and Aglo coarser grain.


Collection by Coem
The research is reflected in the construction of spaces where stone becomes the characteristic element. The product interprets the back of the travertine slabs, partly imperfect, with surface graphics that are less evident and almost faded. The style is in line with the raw trend: the charm of the uneven surface is interpreted with elegance and refinement.


Collection by Edimax
Shade renews the concept of cement thanks to a surface with a layered structure, varied in tone and soft to the touch. A natural and pleasant effect that, thanks to the new 3D Shaped technology, is perceptible not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also, and above all, from a tactile point of view. The movement of the graphics faithfully results in delicate surface irregularities


Collection by Coem


Collection by Aparici
The Uptown Series presents a classic wall only tile in a plain matte finish as well as Toki, an embossed matte finish decorative piece. Offered in three colours, one size and suitable for bathrooms, kitchens and laundries.

Urban Challenge

Collection by Fioranese
A metropolitan soul that is strong, authentic with a slight vintage character for contemporary atmospheres. Yet offers a soft urban flavour and style that reflects a modern attitude. This is the sensation transmitted by this concrete effect porcelain stoneware of the URBAN CHALLENGE Collection


Collection by Fabresa