COVID19 Safety Protocols

COVID19 Safety Protocols



At Step 2, our showroom will open, we will be taking the following steps to ensure your safety:

• We will limit customer numbers so everyone can safely stay 2 metres apart. 

• Both staff and customers will be required to wear face coverings.

• We will offer contactless options for payment, pick up and delivery

• Hand sanitiser will be provided for customers to use, and we will be cleaning and disinfecting shared surfaces regularly.

• Customers will need to scan in using the NZ COVID Tracer app every time they enter our store



At Artisan we take the health of both our customers and our staff seriously. We will be following the safety protocols below to minimise any risks of virus transfer while working in your home.


Here’s what we will do to take care of you in your home when we come to quote, measure or install

• WELL BEING CHECK Our staff will not book quotes, measures or installations if they are feeling unwell. If you have had a booking made by someone who is feeling unwell then we will book you with another sales consultant or installer as soon as possible.

• PHYSICAL DISTANCING Depending on your project and the extent of work to be carried out on site, it may be required for rooms to be vacated while we complete our work. We will practice physical distancing by keeping 2 metres apart.

• MASKS Our staff will be equipped with masks and will be wearing these while onsite.

• CLEANING & SANITISING BETWEEN VISITS We have implemented cleaning regimes, using strict hand cleaning and sanitising practices for our staff entering your home. All vehicles have been equipped with kits containing anti-bacterial commercial grade hand sanitiser. All mobile staff will use these during their visit, as they leave one home and before they enter another, to ensure their hands are clean at all times.

• RECORD KEEPING Our staff will keep a record of the date and time they arrive and leave your home along with your contact details and the details of anyone else onsite at the time of our visit.


Here’s what you can do to take care of us when we come to your home

We appreciate your business and allowing us into your home. You can also help us to protect our staff and other clients. From the information above, you could assist us by following the steps in reverse where applicable. You could also commit to undertake the following:

• Where possible provide a place for us to regularly wash our hands if we are carrying out lengthy on site works.

• Practice physical distancing by vacating rooms or keeping 2 metres away when face to face contact is required.

• Re-schedule your appointment if you are feeling unwell.